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Thursday, December 17, 2009

What I did after C25K (November 3, 2009)

Tuesday, November 03, 2009 Someone asked what I did after my C25K. I had joined the Y and was doing the C25K on the treadmill there. I saw an advertisement at the Y that offered a class that would "teach" me to run using the Jeff Galloway Training Clinic. I had seen that same advertisement a year or so ago but was too scared to go. This time I went. I joined the group and we began meeting for runs on the weekend and also getting "assignments" for what to do during the week plus lots of motivation and running tips from our fearless leader, Phillip. I was hooked from the get-go!! I was at first really self consciousness about my weight and how I looked when I ran but I am slowly getting over that. I still find it hard to run in broad daylight some afternoons even though I need to because I have an even harder time getting up to run in the morning time! But I made a decision that I would not quit no matter what and so far I haven't. I trained for the YMCA Cotton Classic 5k walk/10K run and when time came for the race I chickened out on the 10K and did the 5K walk. But that was a learning experience in itself. So many walkers were running. I was told if I was a walker I could not run but if I was a runner I could walk so I had wished I had signed up for the 10K but again fear got the best of me. So here I am 9 months later, after doing 5Ks, one 10K and, believe it or not, I am signed up for the ST. Jude Memphis Half Marathon on December 5th. (I can't hardly believe it either!) But I am having the time of my life. I have not lost any weight since I started running which was surprising to me at first but I never changed my eating habits either. I am having a hard time learning how to eat in order to run well but at the same time eating in order to lose some weight. So I have decided after the St. Jude Half I will concentrate on my weight loss and participate in a few races along the way but nothing major. I watched the New York Marathon and it really got me excited. I began to think I would like to do the New York Half. I really would. Maybe that will be a goal for me in the future. The problem would not be running the half but getting the funds to get me to New York in the first place. I have always wanted to visit there. But I will keep that in the back of my mind for now. I won't count it out! If your YMCA offers the Galloway Training Clinic you should check it out. I absolutely love it. I know I would not be where I am today without it (Thanks to our fearless leader, Phillip, as well). I never knew you could run/walk if you needed to. As long as I can do that I am okay. One day I want to be able to just run mainly but I will work on that when I have lost more weight. In the meantime, I may still be overweight but I feel better than I have in years. And I know if I keep it up, the weight will come off...just like everything else in my life....ONE DAY AT A TIME!

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