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Thursday, December 17, 2009

I am doing better! (April 12, 2006)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006 Today I am doing better. I have finally realized that I cannot eat fried foods. They make me swell up all over. It is a horrible feeling. I had my gallbladder removed some time ago and I believe that has something to do with it also. But I am back on track with my eating. I am still struggling with the exericse. Why is it so hard to "just do it" !!!!!????? I can't believe that something that makes me feel good is something I would not want to do. My son is getting married on the 22nd of this month and I think the WHOLE FAMILY has been trying to lose weight!! HA! I am down to 205 as of today. My goal is 199 by the wedding. I have not been below 200 in 10 or so years. I am finding I am much more conscious of what I am eating instead of just mindfully stuffing my face when I eat. I am learning to eat slower and drink between each bite. I am also drinking more water and less diet cokes. Yea for me! I drink crystal light now like it is going out of style. All in all I guess I am doing okay. I just need to get up off my lazy behind and do some exercise. I have a stair climber that my daughter gave me. It causes me to work up a sweat in 15 miutes where my treadmill takes a lot longer. I figure I can burn more calories wtih the stair climber but I don't have any idea how many calories I would burn. The computer part is broke. The stair climber is not electric, I guess you would call it manual?? It is so hard but I need the workout. I have only been able to stay on it for 20 minutes so far. I don't like is as much as the treadmill because I listen to music while on the treadmill and when I try to listen on the stair climber but it won't work for me because I tend to walk to the beat of the music and I certainly can't do that on the stair climber. But I would love to be able to burn more calories in less time and I believe the stair climber will do that for me. You know, I just had a thought!!!--Why do I think that everything I do has to be enjoyable? Some things aren't. Maybe I can look at exercise that way. It can be a necessary evil that I tolerate in order to be healthy and lose the weight I need to lose. Sometimes we have to sacrifice for something good. Maybe I can look at it that way. I am going to start trying to train in my THR and that way I will know I am doing okay even without knowing how many calories I burn. I have been told to work out in my TRH for at least 20 minutes. It won't take long to get to my THR on that stair master!! Got to run, Have a nice everyone!

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