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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Still here! St. Jude Half this Saturday

I am still here.  Just not happy with myself right now.  I have gained some weight and am finding it hard to lose.   I have been focusing on my running and maybe I need to focus on the weight loss.  The running is a lot harder when I gain weight of course.

I have my fourth St. Jude Half Marathon this Saturday and I hope it won't be too hard since I am a little heavier than before.  You would think with three HMs coming up I would be more health conscious but that is not what is happening I am afraid.  This compulsive overeating is about to get the best of me.  And it doesn't help that I live with a compulsive over eater  that is in severe denial as well!  But I can't blame him.  I make my own choices and I can chose to do right even when he doesn't.  So far that is NOT what I have done!!!

I can't seem to find any consistency with my healthy eating and my weight loss.  I do okay for a while then revert back to my unhealthy habits.  I don't know what I need to do.

  • Get real?  
  • Get serious?
  • Get drunk???? (just kidding - not gonna throw away 21 years of sobriety over this food issue)
Sometimes life stinks and sometimes it is great!  I can't always have it perfect.  

  • I have not been running much. 
  • I have not been eating healthy.
  • I have not been going to my OA meetings.
  • I have not been going to my AA meetings.  
I have only been working, working, working.  And my job is sometimes very stressful!  Well, enough of the excuses.  I won't do anything about anything until I get sick and tired of being sick and tired.  That much I  know!!!

But I am EXCITED about my half marathon this Saturday.  My time will probably suck but I WILL FINISH. 

All I want to do is cross that finish line -  
  1. Standing up
  2. With a smile on my face
  3. And wanting to do it all again!!!  
Until next time friends! 
Have a wonderful night!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Vacation over- MUST STOP EATING!!

I haven't posted in a while. Went to New York City on vacation the first wk of this month. LOVED IT!!!  Would go again tomorrow if I could.  So heart breaking to see the destruction there now.  :(

While on vacation I ate way to much and haven't stopped since I got back! Ouch!! And I am feeling it too!  But will get back on track asap. 

Tomorrow is the Biggest Loser 5K in Jackson. Ms.  My daughter is running it with me. Yea! !!  Going to be exciting.

I did a 5K last Saturday as well.  My time was better but not my best.  I must get this weight off in order to improve my running and my health.   I have been real SOB lately.  And BP was up at last visit to doc.  Hope it is better at next visit.  Have not been diagnosed with Hypertension and don't want to be! 

Going to bed now.  Hopefully i can get some rest. I can never sleep well the night before a race.