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Monday, February 22, 2010

My 5K race report

My race this past Saturday was great!  I did not beat my best time.  I thought I might but that last hill got me.  It was fun and exciting.  I had my daughter, my SIL and her friend Bobbie all with me.  They walked and I ran.  That was the first race for my SIL and my daughter and they really liked it.  My daughter is wanting to do another one with me soon.  How cool is that!  Below is me and my daughter after the race.

The spectators had a little excitement while they waited on us.  I suppose all our noise and such scared a deer out of the woods.  He came running up and tried to jump through the window of a building. After falling down twice he jumped up and ran off, so hopefully he wasn't hurt.

My time was 41:27.  My best was 41:05 at the Uplifting You race last month.

I am planning on doing a half in June.  My son and his wife may do it with me as well.

I found a picture of me running during the race this past Sat. and it is not a pretty site.  I must have the whitest legs there!  But all I can say is, at least I am not on the couch!!  I can see from this picture that I am a long way from goal weight!(as if I did not know that already!!)  But I will keep the picture.  I will have something to compare with it after all the excess weight is gone!  Yippee!!  Even though it is not the most flattering picture, I will share it with you guys.  Just don't laugh, ok?

I don't even have to tell you which one I am do I!!  ha ha. 

I did make it into ONE-derland this week.  I have been there before but always allowed myself to creep back up to the 200s.  NOT THIS TIME!  I will continue to work hard and lose this weight..I will!  And I will keep it off.  I know my time is a little better because I have lost weight.  That is a great encouragement to me!  

Well, I must say goodnight and get some beauty rest...although it probably won't help my white legs any...he he.    

MAKE it a great night friends.  

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I love this!  When  I first saw!  How true it is! 

OA, Jeff Galloway IN PERSON and other ramblings

My OA meeting last night was great! We had two new members! How cool. We are started a "book study" and are going to study the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of OA. Need I say that in the first three paragraphs I saw myself over and over. I am so glad I decided to do something positive about my food issues. Like I said at the meeting last night - it is not just about losing weight! It is about getting healthy and that is what I want to do. If I lose weight in the process - that is great too! Thank you God for 12 Step programs - they have literally saved my life!!

I went to the Y to run on Monday and it was packed! That is the first time I have seen it that full this year! I guess all those new year resolutions are in full swing! lol. I did the elliptical for 2.6 miles and still no treadmill available. I wasn't exactly dressed to run outside so I went upstairs to the cardio/core class. Wow and wow and ouch! The jump rope part almost killed me...he he... (not to mention my 52 almost 53 year old bladder wasn't happy either). I had not done that class before but I loved it. I will definitely do it again. my right calf is hurting. I wonder if I strained it.....oh great...just what I needed. But I am taking it slow today. I didn't do anything yesterday as far as exercise. I did have a total of 19 miles last week so that was great, but no weight loss for that week but I am hoping a weight loss will show up this week for sure.

The Galloway running group that I am a part of is starting back this Saturday. And guess what??? The man, Jeff Galloway himself, will be there in person!!! I am too excited!! He will run with us that morning and he will be doing a three hour running school that afternoon. I can't wait!!  I will let you know how it goes.

MAKE it a great day everyone!