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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Struggling. (July 24, 2008)

I am still struggling but not giving up. I have days where I eat everything in the house and then days when I do pretty good - but that only keeps me at the same weight! I won't stop. I may stay at this weight forevery and I guess I should feel good about what I have done so far but I still have a ways to go. As you can see in some of my pictures of my friends - we could have quite an accountability team if they were ready to work on a healtly lifestyle. But alas they are not. Maybe one day. I will keep praying for us all. I don't want to go back to 238 pounds! I felt awful then. (and looked awful) But I have to look at every day as a new day and do this thing one day at a time. I have been looking at the big picture and that just gets me discouraged. Instead of looking so hard at what I NEED to do, I will look at WHAT I HAVE ALREADY DONE and start from there. My favorite movie is Gone With The Wind and I love what Scarlett says at the end..."after all, tomorrow is a new day" That may not be exactly what she said but you get the jist of it. If I can have that mentality I should be able to keep up with this thing. Sometimes I say, what the heck! I am 51 years old and it doesn't matter if I'm fat or unhealthy. But then I stop myself and I remember how I felt 45 pounds heavier. Ouch! That keeps me in perspective. I may have gained back some but I won't gain any more. I will keep a handle on this thing. I must ask God to help me because I know he will. I just keep trying to do it without him. I am not able to post as much as I would like but I do my best. This place is so cool. I am so glad I found it! And I am glad it is free because I could not be here if it wasn't. MAKE it a great day everyone! P.S. My streak is not going so well. I think I have been okay everyday but one, so that is progress!

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