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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Positive Things! (February 4, 2009)

It feels so good to be able to post positive things for a change. I am still continuing to go the Y three times a week. I lost 3 pounds last week. Not sure about this week. Am weighing tomorrow. I feel like I have lost inches even though I may not have lost much weight. I went for annual checkup today at GYN and when she went to weigh me she had the scale sent on 150+ I told her she would have to go up a lot! She commented that I did not look at all like I weighed over 200. I don't want to stay at this weight of course, but that was a nice compliment. Most people tell me I don't look like I weigh what I do. But at any rate, I am enjoying the mornings at the Y. But I don't think I would be so faithful if it was not for my friend going with me. There are still so many days when I want to crawl back in the bed! I saw where the Y is going to have a coffee house. That will be nice. I told my friend, Angelique, that we could work out and then have a conversation over our coffee. But we must exercise first. I know if we sit down to have a conversation over coffee we might not ever make it to the treadmill. ha ha. We are going to consider this moment of relaxation as a reward for our hard work. Angelique had lost weight last week too. I can't wait to weigh tomorrow and see what I have done. MAKE it a great day everyone!

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