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Thursday, December 17, 2009

One More Time! (August 29, 2006)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006 I have gained some of my weight back and I need to start over. It is so hard when my husband is overweight and eats all the time. I wish I could get him to start eating healthy with me but he won't hear of it! I know I can't blame my success or failure on him. I chose to overeat. I tend to eat the things I am not supposed to when I go out with others and am having a great time. My willpower goes down and I give in the voice in my head that says, "Go ahead, it won't hurt this one time" and then I am back at square one. When I could have lost a pound for that week I either stay the same or gain! It is a vicious cycle and one I wish I could stop! My treadmill is not helping either. It is not working right. It just stops after about 25 minutes and won't go anymore. But I have decided that if I get 25 minutes of exercise that is better than none. Also I have been walking 3, running 1, walking 3, running 1, etc. That will help me get a better work out in the time that I do have on the treadmill. I want to call Sears and have them look at it but my husband says it would cost a fortune! But then again, he is not in any hurry to fix it for me! But I will make the best of this situation and not let it get me down. I know I could walk outside but it is so hot! Oh well, today is another day. I will try to be stronger when I eat out. After all it is MY health that is at stake here, not anyone elses.

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