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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Major Victory! (April 18, 2008)

Yeh! I did not succumb to the evil snack monster last night. I did really well. In case any of you have not tried this, I will take pictures of what I eat with my cell phone when I am not able to enter it into my spark page. And I have decided that I can eat only one of something. Like for instance, I can eat one piece of toast. I have always ate two pieces "just because." No reason really, except my compulsion to only use "even" numbers in a lot of things I do...silly I know but since it doesn't affect me that much I don't worry about it. I am so proud of myself! God is good. He really kept me grounded last night. To let you know of a little of the tempations, here is what was available for my dining pleasure: minature candy bars, hersheys kisses, crackers, chips and dip. And that was before the meal. Used to I would partake of all of that and some!!!! I am not going to sit here and say that I will do that well every time but last night was a major victory for me. I am truly proud of myself and I have lost 4 pounds. Four pounds that I hope I won't gain back. :) I have put Ali, The Biggest Loser winner's before and after picture on my cell phone, screen saver and backgroup on my computer to keep me motivated...did I tell you that already? I also have all the people from Season 5 on my screen saver. That should help me a lot. I hope you all have a grand day and an overeating free, wonderful weekend.

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