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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Unable to complete long run. (November 9, 2009)

Monday, November 09, 2009 I was unable to complete my 12.5 miles this past Sat. No, it was not my pulled calf muscle but my right foot! It started hurting at mile 3 and I though..uh oh..this is not good! It was on the bottom and would go up through my ankle. I have had it before but not very much. It was not unbearable but by mile 5 I decided I would go home. Better to pull out on the training run than the actual race itself. I keep telling myself not to feel bad about it. I am so compulsive with things. But I did get up this am and go to Y and do 48 minutes on elliptical. I don't believe I burn the calories that Sparkpeople says I do but that's ok. But I was moving anyway! More than I have been lately. My husband went so I was motivated to go too. I told him to wake me up but he didn't believe I would go and I almost talked myself out of it when he did wake me up. (God! I wish I could break that habit!!!!) But all in all, I am not going to let Saturday get me down. I am going to look at the positive...after all, I did do 5 miles! It wasn't like I didn't do anything. I remember when 5 miles sounded like it was around the world and back! My how things change. MAKE it a great day everyone!

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