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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Not a Happy Camper. (September 9, 2008)

I have gained back some of the weight I lost. I am so disgusted with myself but not obviously not enough to make any changes. What is wrong with me? I am excited about the biggest loser starting back but I can't depend on that to keep me motivated. I have joined the Y so maybe that will help. I have been getting almost NO exercise lately and I find myself not taking the time to record my food. A lot of what I eat cannot be recorded because I have no way of knowing the caloric count. Today we had a luncheon sponsored by a drug company. No way to know the calories except to guesstimate! My husband is no help as he weighs almost 400 pounds and does not appear to care about that....but he has gone to the Y with me so maybe we are both a "work in progress." Let's hope so. I weighed 201.4 when I started the Y so we will see what happens. But i don't think a lot will change if I don't change my eating habits. I can't work out at the Y and still eat the same. Probably won't lose any weight that way! I must scale down my schedule because I really don't have time to get on my spark people site and record what I need to. Like someone told me the other day......A preacher went by to visit a man and asked why he did not come to church. He said because the sky was blue. The preacher said, what does that have to do with it? The man replied, I don't know but one excuse is as good as another! Story of my life.........'sigh'

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