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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Once a Junkie Always a Junkie?? (June 18, 2008)

Ok! I am going to step back and refocus. I finally swallowed my pride and change my weight to reflect the FIVE pounds I have GAINED BACK!!!!! That brings my total to 40 pounds lost when just not too long ago it was 60 pounds lost! Of course constantly having to battle chronic bronchitis and sinusitis is not helping either. I know from past experience that the one thing that has helped me more than anything this time was the exercise - which I have slacked off on. Does NONE ring a bell???? I am so compulsive. It is like I want to lose it all in one month and then when I do exercise I usually do too much or not enough. I am trying to convince myself that ANY is good. I get on the treadmill and want to do an hour or more then the next day I tell myself - I don't have time. But surely I could slip in 20-30 minutes somewhere in my day! As I have said may times - it is just a matter of me doing it! Why can't I stay motivated though??? I do good for a month or so and then revert right back to my old eating patterns. (I am a fast food junkie, a diet coke junkie, a chocolate junkie, a caffeine junkie and one always leads to many more. I know that! I know that! I know that! (I am trying to convince myself that I know that -ha) Well here goes - one more time!!!!

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