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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Injured Foot Update. (January 30, 2009)

Beginning Weight - 238 Current Weight - 207.4 Goal - 140 Height - 5'4" I made it to the Y this morning. This is beginning to be a habit....a GOOD one! No broken bones on my foot report. If it still keeping hurting she is recommending MRI. The x-ray did show a heel spur and arthritic change. I am going to take Mobic and see if that will help. It is so does not hurt first thing in the morning and it does not hurt while on the treadmill or the eplliptical. But is starts hurting AFTER I finish my workout and progressively gets worse throughout the day. But as long as it is not too bad and doesn't interfer with my workouts I am not going to worry about it. But of course, if the pain continues then I will persue the MRI. On another note, I lost weight this week. Yeh....go me!

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