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Thursday, December 17, 2009

5K Walk Went Well (May 4, 2009)

The 5K Cotton Classic Walk went well. My time was 46:07. I came in 51st place and I was 8th in my age division. After it was over someone said that we actually walked 3.5 miles. If that is the case then my time is getting a little better. There were lots of people there. Probably as many walkers if not more than the runners. It was fun and exciting. I never knew people could walk so fast! Some of those walkers took off and I never did catch them! Some of the walkers ran which I believe is not fair but I don't know how they could monitor that without someone walking along beside everyone that is walking. Makes me want to just run and forget about walking. But I had to keep telling myself that this is about me...not them...about me...not them.... I am doing this for me. Not to win an award, although that would be nice, but to get healthy and to prove to myself that I CAN do this! I got a finishers medal and that was nice too. Someone even told me I was on TV ...oh boy! Hope not! All in all I am proud of myself. But the weird thing is...I walk as fast as I run. I may need to pick up my pace on the running. Which I plan to do as soon as I can get some more weight off. I am sticking to the 5K walks and runs and once I have lost some more weight I will attempt the 10Ks. I don't want to push it too much. My knees have been hurting some and one of my feet, which has a bone spur on. (fun fun!) My friend, Patty, ran the 10K and did well but she said she is sticking to the 5Ks but I doubt she will. She wants to do a 1/2 marathon and I believe she can! I don't think I will tackle that any time soon but it would be fun to go and cheer Patty on when she does one. They are supposed to be starting up a training program for a marathon and I might participate in that. I will just do half the miles that they are doing. Now that I have a taste of this..I don't want to give it up. I feel more comfortable running with a group. And that encourages me to actually get out there and do it!! Have a great day everyone!

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