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Thursday, December 17, 2009

I need a pep talk! (April 3, 2006

Monday, April 03, 2006 I guess I should stop feeling sorry for myself. I know exactly what to do about this weight but I am choosing not to do it! Is that crazy or what? I seem to have lost all motivation. But I am not giving up. I have lost some of the weight that I gained back. But I can't keep gaining and losing the same pounds all the time. I have to get off my lazy behind and to something. One thing that has happened is my treadmill is on it's last leg and I really can't afford another one right now. I know I can walk outside and I probably will have to but I don't really like walking outside. But any excuse is as good as the next one, right? I have not been on Spark much laterly either and I really need to hear or "read" motivational stories and I really need an accountability partner. In my faithfully fit class, I just got an accountability partner and I am going to call her and hopefully we can help each other. My motivation has gone to the dogs! But I will try to get it back. I am going to make this a GOOD week. I WILL LOSE THIS WEEK, I WILL! I will hang in there through the good and bad days.

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