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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ramblings (August 6, 2009)

My injury is a little bit better. I did sit out for two weeks but that was all I could stand. My physical therapist said I could run and see what happens. My leg does not hurt at all while I am running so after the two week sit out I have started back running on a regular basis. It is still swollen but they said I might have swelling for months. I can live with that. The pain I cannot live with. It is so strange to me that not so long ago I would never have thought of running, much less being mad because I couldn't run! God is awesome. I just wish I could surrender my eating to him. This fast food habit is killing me! I have started reading my Faithfully fit book again and being held accountable for my daily reading of that book and my Bible and my weight each day. The last time I ate Mexican food I blew up like a blow fish!!! I gained five pounds overnight - fluid I know but still! I must stay away from that stuff. It can't be good for me. Here are some song lyrics that I read in my faithfully fit book today: WHITE FLAG Lord, I'm putting up the white flag, throwing down my pride, Wholly and completely sold out to your side, I'm putting up the white flag, it's what I want to do. I'm surrendering my whole life, Lord, to you. There's been a battle here inside me every since I can recall, Since I heard you asking me to let you have it all. Now I wonder why I fought you, tried to do things my own way, When the joy is in surrendering and coming home to stay. Well, it took some time to see it, to really understand I'm only giving back to you the works of your own hand. You designed me and you made me to use in your own way, So I'm trusting you to take my life and use it every day. - Claire Cloninger and David Baroni How awesome. I need to read this every day to remember to surrender to HIM the things I struggle with. Well, I have gone ahead and bit the bullet and registered for the half marathon! Now there is no turning back. Only going forward. My son is still planning on doing it with me and my daughter said she wanted to, but we will see about her. She said she went out and ran the other day and said she was having a heart attack! I told her I felt that way the first time too but that it would get better with time. She can do it. She is a strong lady! So we can make this thing a family affair. Can you image???? -- my first half marathon and I may be able to do it with both of my children with me. How cool is that. God is so good. I do not deserve the two children I have but thank you God for giving them to me. That are such a joy. I can't begin to tell you of all the blessings God has given me but I can tell you that my two children are the best of all! So look out St. Jude Half Marathon in Memphis TN....we are headed your way and there is no stopping us now!!

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