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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Race Report St.Jude Half Marathon pm 12/05/09. (December 14, 2009)

Monday, December 14, 2009 I completed my first half on December 5th. It was lots of fun and it was cold!!!! But I enjoy running the cold better than hot.Me, my DH, my mom, and friends stayed at the son's house. He and his wife ran as well. We all did great! We got there on Friday to pick up our packets and look at the expo. I bought a few things - a hat,which I needed for warmth, a pair of gloves and I bought one of those belts that holds your race bid. Thought that was cool! he he. I also had a "fanny pack" to wear and carry my Gu in. My son laughed and said I would have so much stuff on I would not be able to run! We ate supper Friday night at the Spaghetti Warehouse. It was great too! Here is me and Linda. I'm on the left sitting down.

I got up at 4:15 and ate a power bar and drank some coffee and water. Driving in was easy. No problem there. We parked and had to walk a bit but I just considered it a warm up. We stopped in The Peabody to use the restroom because we walked by there and I thought it would be a long line at the portapotty. I had so many layers on it took a while to go to the restroom. We had lots of time before the race started. We stood around trying to keep warm and waiting on others to get there. I was really excited.

Starting off was confusing at first. I decided we were in the wrong corral but then I decided it didn't matter because everyone was going to pass us anyway. But I did make sure we were not up front with the elite runners. That would have been downright uncouth and besides we would probably have gotten run over. I was awesome when we walked up a few steps and looked down at all the runners. I had never seen so many people in one place I don't think. The gun went off and we took off. I did ok till about mile 5. Started getting tired and I thought, "oh no! Can't get tired yet....too early in the game" but I took a Gu and keep going. Those hills were murder. When you train on flat land like I do, the hills are not too kind. The only "hill" to speak of in our town is the levee and that is a pretty big hill! We ran it twice and I believe that is where I might have torn my calf muscle so the last time we ran it I walked up and ran down. This was clearly not enough training for the "rolling" hills I encountered in Memphis. My new definition of "rolling" hills is - "NEVER ENDING" hills. That is what they were! But I was determined to finish. The supporters on the side of the street were amazing! Ruth Ann and I talked some as we ran and that always makes it go by quicker. When we were at about mile 5 and had just come off the river side, someone on the side of the road said, "way to go, you got it made now, the worst is over!" All I can say about that is - he must have NEVER run this race. (ha ha) The worst wasn't over but part of it was thank goodness! The scenery was great as well. We passed Elvis singing his heart out! Cool! I was told that there were St. Jude kids who came out to meet the runners but I never saw them. I think it was so cold they had to go back in before we came along. But it was still great. We did pass a house where the kids who had to stay for extending periods would stay and there were some people outside of that house. They were cheering us on and screaming. It was awesome. I won't go too long on this race report. Lets just say I did pretty good until about mile 11. I got so tired. Those hills were a major pain!! We were doing a 1:30 ratio. We ran for 1 minute and walked for 30 seconds. That ratio worked well for me on my long training run of 14 miles. But I took another Gu. I think all in all I took about 3 chocolate Gu and after the race I wish I hadn't. Something made me sick afterwards. I had to stop at potty THREE FREAKING TIMES! Oh well, at least there were no lines at them. (For me, this was the best site of all...ha ha)

The run through the park was very pretty, what I remember of it...I was in agony by this time. :( My chip time was 3:41:30. My watch had 3:25. I tried to remember to stop and start my watch at each stop we made but not sure how accurate I was. Having a garmin sure would help. I might get one for Christmas...yeah!!! My friend who ran with me, her son is a St. Jude child and when we ran through the St. Jude Campus it was very emotional for her and me! At one point a lady said, remember who you're running for and that pumped me up and gave me some extra energy. After all...we were running for those who could not. I can't wait to do it again! I plan to be a St. Jude Hero next time and raise some money for the event. It was very motivating. Another friend of mine took some pictures and I got some of them but not all. Will post others as I get them. Here I am at the finish line - I was giving a "thumbs up" to my family. Someone said it looks like I was doing something else....not!

Me and Ruth Ann at the finish line

'When the race was over I headed for the food and got a piece of pizza, a donut, three cookies, hot chocolate and two banana halves, water and a diet coke. My hands were full. I felt like a pig trying to get out of there with my hands full. And I was freezing. I didn't see the point of that silver blanket thingy they give you at the finish but on the walk back to the car I was extremely happy I had it. (don't look a gift horse in the mouth my mama said). I got sick to my stomach right after the race. I don't know it it was the post race food or the Gu. Just the thought of chocolate Gu makes me sick to my stomach now. I don't think I will use that again. I went home to my son's house and laid around on the couch all afternoon. So much for my shopping trip I though I would be able to do after the run! ha ha!! Later on that afternoon I got in the hot tub and that helped too. It was a wonderful weekend and I can't wait to do it again. My favorite part ----My son gave me a BIG HUG after I crossed the finish line. I hope I made him proud. I know I made myself proud. And I am so proud of my son, Jason, and his wife, Martha, for participating with me. It was a dream come true. I want to give a big SHOUT OUT to all my family and friends who participated with me and my family and friends who came to watch and to all those who had to listen and read about my struggles along the way. Thanks to my SparkPeople friends who encouraged me so much! It would not have been possible without each and every one of you guys! Special thanks to my hubby who allowed me to spend so much time on the road training and did not complain once! I love you! Can't wait for St Jude Marathon in 2010!!! Here are a few more misc pictures:

Our Jeff Galloway YMCA training group

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  1. Love the recap! You did great and I can only imagine how emotional the St. Judes Campus was for you and your friend! Great job ladies!!!