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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yea for me! (March 10, 2008)

Yea for me! I got on the treadmill this morning. What a chore to make myself get up! I want to try to get in the habit of doing this several times a week. I have been exercising at night some but here lately I have been too busy and when I get home so late I don't get on the treadmill. I just hit the bed. I have come to the conclusion that the key to weight loss is exercise. Yes, watching what you eat is important but exercise is a must! When I was going to the YMCA on a regularly basis and participating in their aerobics classes I could eat just about anything and I did not gain weight. It is when I stopped going to the Y that all this weight starting pouring on. And I loved participating in those classes but we were at a point were we needed to cut some bills so my husband insisted on my Y membership going bye-bye so I dropped my membership. I bet he wishes we had not done that! I know I do! But when the Y started the step classes I did not fell like I was losing any weight. When I was doing the "regular" aerobics I lost weight like a mad dog!! I wish they were doing those again. I recently heard about a cardio class at The Gym. I have been thinking about participating in that. I feel a little self conscious because I don't know what "kind" of women will be there. And I don't know what everyone is wearing now days to exercise. I know these things should not keep me from checking out the class. It is a month-to-month charge and you don't have to have a membership. So if I couldn't afford one month I would just not go. But on the other hand - how much is the Y now? It might be cheaper......I might check into that and see just what kind of classes they are offering these days. It was back in 1994 when I was last a member of the Y. I really want to participate in something! Also it depends on when the classes are too. I have a bible study on Monday, a RAFA ministry T.E.A.M. meeting on Tuesdays, church on Wednesday, and RAFA small group meeting which I facilitate on Thursdays. Wow! I am a busy woman! I may have to give up something. Well one thing is for sure. I will never do anything if I can't take some action. That is my plan for now. The next time I blog I will have taken some action to find out about the classes and make a decision. That is my promise to myself. My health is important and since I just turned 51 I am beginning to feel my age somewhat. I know that exercise is good for me and I don't feel so stiff when I exercise on a regular basis. It actually makes me feel pretty good. And since I sit at a desk all day typing - I really need to exercise. I am signing off now. I hope you all have a GREAT day! Keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I am really a lazy person and this is going to take much effort on my part to go this ball rolling!

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