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Monday, December 28, 2009

Lazy bum!

Well here it is after Christmas and I have not run but once this month since my half marthon on December 5th. What's up with that?  I have good intentions but that doesn't get me out the door.  I just wish I had someone to run with that wanted to run on a regular basis.  But if I want to be a runner and be healthier, I have GOT to get out that door - running partner or not!!!  That won't happen sitting on my backside - that much I do know.

I have not weighed either.  Probably scared to, if the truth be known.  I have slowly reverted back to my couch potato ways but I do not intend to stay there.  I know what happens when I do.  Been there, done that - got the t-shirt, the pants, the hat, the shoes, whatever else goes with it - in other words - I have done that a lot in my lifetime.  In order to get something different - I must DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!  Enough said!  I will not post again until I have gotten out there and ran (or at least walked). 

MAKE it a great day everyone. 

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  1. I just found your blog and read your profile. WOW!! You should be so proud of yourself! Congrats on finishing your first half marathon...and for all the other obstacles you've over come. You're doing great!