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Thursday, December 17, 2009

I may be slow but I am not a quitter! (September 3, 2009)

Thursday, September 03, 2009 Today's run was hard. I tried to go to bed early but not sure what time I really went to sleep. Was reading a blog about a lady that is a marathon maniac. Very interesting. She had lost a lot of weight and that is what got my attention. But I had been actively searching for blogs by women who are starting to run. I was hoping to find one with someone I could relate to. I am overweight and I am slow. I cannot seem to find anyone that fits that description but me. I ran with or starting running with a new friend today but she was much faster than me. I told her we could meet but that I was very slow and she would have to run off and leave me and if so, that would be okay. She said she was not fast either; she ran about a 10 minute mile....what???.....not fast..... I WISH I could ran a 10 minute mile. My miles are 15 minutes. She also did a ratio of 3:1 but I can only do 1:1. But I gave it a try and started out with her but could not keep up. I started out too fast and after trying to do the 3:1 two times I had to slow down. After that I was tired the whole time and had to stop before some of the my minutes of running were even up.
Today just did not seem like a good run. I only had a bowl of cereal for supper last night. Maybe that had something to do with it. But I still had over 1200 calories. I am so frustrated because I have been run/walking since February and cannot lose any weight. I go up and down. I have decided that maybe I am eating too much. I log my food and sometimes I do to over my calore limit. At any rate, I think I need to be more conscious of my food intake. At first I gave myself license to eat since I was a "runner" but then realized that I could not do that. I read somewhere that 15 miles only burns 1500 calories. That really put it in perspective for me. I don't think I have ever done that many miles. A friend told me that he lost weight from running and that he could not eat enough to keep from losing....I should be so lucky! Wonder why it doesn't work like that for me. Of couse he is male, a lot younger to oand probably runs way more miles than me.
As I was running this morning my friend passed me and say,"Keep going Betty" and I thought, "I am going to keep going and I am not a quitter!" Just that thought shows me how far I have come. Not so long ago I would have given up and said, "what's the use...I can't do this." But not today. Today I am not giving up. I may still be overweight, and I may be slow but one thing I am NOT - is a quitter!

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