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Thursday, December 17, 2009

11 miles baby! Longest run yet! (October 26, 2009)

Monday, October 26, 2009 I did it! 11 miles baby! How cool is that. My running partner showed up and it was great. Our fearless leader sends us an email every week telling us about the run, how many miles, where, what to bring, etc. Oh, and tips to help us prepare for the 1/2. The tip this week was how to take a bathroom break when necessary. I have never had to go while running but thanks to the power of suggestion, I had to go this day. Good thing I took his hint and brought toilet paper! Not a pretty site...but I can tell you it's not the first time I have had to go in "nature." At about mile 4 I was thinking, "OMG! We have to do 11 miles!" But we just keep talking and it got better. I did not have my usual "bonk" or whatever you want to call it at mile 5. When we got to mile 7 it dawned on me that we were over half way. Halfway is always a good thing for me. It's like a mental thing I guess. I figure if I am half way there is no reason I can't go the rest of the way! I like to see mile 1 but I don't like to look at mile markers after that because my mind tries to tell me to stop. It was great till about mile 10 and my whole body started hurting but I would not way was I going to stop with 1 mile to go! So I did the whole 11 miles and when we finished I felt pretty good. I wasn't hurting as long as I wasn't running. But mile 10 and 11 were pretty tough but nothing I could not handle. So I believe 13.1 will not be too bad. I am actually beginning to believe I can do this!! No...let me rephrase that....I WILL DO IT! It took me 3:13:29. But I was in no hurry. I refuse to think about speed at this point. I just want to finish that 1/2 and finish I will!!! After the run I went home showered real quick and then went to a conference at church. Awesome. I did not have to collapse on the couch! It is amazing that only 9 months ago, I was a cough potato. Thank goodness for the C25K. That is what started the whole thing. I did find out I have a torn calf muscle and a hematoma but doc said I could run as long as it did not hurt. I am going to PT for ultrasound and stretching exercises for about a month. PT is so boring but I will do it because I want to get better asap. I am having a hard time with the weight loss. For some unknown reason....I thought weight loss was a given when you started running but I found out that is not least not for some. I am finding it hard to watch what I eat to lose weight and still eat enough to run. I hate everything that is good for me and I love fast foods. But I will gradually work the fruits and vegetables in....I have to if I want to be a runner, right? MAKE it a great evening everyone.

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