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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 19 and 20 - Sad and tried to find comfort in food.

The pic above is my beloved Samantha (Sam as we called her).  She was my dad's dog, then my mom's dog and finally she came to live with me when she mom died this past December.  She was 17 years old and she died yesterday.  She had been sick and I knew she would not be with us much longer but it was still a shock and I am heartbroken.  Needless to say I have tried to find comfort in food but have not.  And I knew I wouldn't find it in the food but I still ate things that I wish I hadn't....all the while telling myself that it would not help.  Only time will heal this wound.  My beautiful Sam was the last thing I had left of my mom and I knew it would be painful when she died.  But she did live a wonderful fun-filled and exciting life and was happy, I believe, till the day she died.  The night before she was jumping up and down and bouncing all around like a young puppy. I don't know what had gotten into her. I figure she knew she was going to see her "mom and dad" the next day and she was excited about it. ( I would like to think that anyway)! 

But I am happy to say that the past two days have been ok.  Not great but ok.  I am still conscious of my eating plan and trying my best to stick to it. Sometimes I want the weight loss to be much more and much faster but I know that is not the way to go about it.  I have always gained it back when I went on the crash diets and ate low calories.  If I do it the RIGHT way, maybe it will stick this time around!  I am determined to show a loss this week! 

Make it a great day friends!


  1. Don't give up on you!

  2. Very sorry about your loss. Staying strong and consistent in the middle of emotional circumstances can be one of the toughest hurdles along this road. Overcoming--staying consistent, in the face of events like this, will empower you.
    I realized, if I was to ever have real success---I had to make my good choices despite the world around me. I had a history of making my previous attempts as thin as the top layer of ice on a pond. As soon as the weight of daily stress or unfortunate emotional circumstances came about--my resolve would shatter, and everything would sink to the bottom...
    If this time is different than any other attempt---if this time is THE time I really do never before, then I had to face life and times, in a state of mind that demanded consistency come what may.
    Never give up, my friend. Keep your motivating thoughts ready to inspire you at a moments notice--Dream Betty!!! Where will your transformation take you?---Physically and emotionally---It's exciting Betty!!!
    Believe in the power you have to choose change before change chooses you.

    You're amazing, Betty

    My best always,
    Sean Anderson