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Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 12-progress in the making.

I am sitting outside at my daughters house on her pier as my husband fishes. It is guiet out here until the black lab decides to take a swim!

Today is day 12. I had my doubts about this weekend because we are out of town and that usually makes for a free-for-all where food is concerned. But I texted a few friends and got back wonderful encoueagement! Thank you friends! We went to McDonalds and I got nothing. It was a McDonalds inside walmart so while hubby ate I shopped for some healthy things. I did not eat there at all. Didnt even want to! Then we went to Stone Cold Creamy and I did not get anything there either. It crossed my mind briefly but I did not linger on the thought. I had my mind made up before I went in. So far so good. But we still have 2 days to go but I really have confidence that I can do this. Well, let me rephrase that-me AND God AND my friends. I could never do this alone. When I think about "sneaking" something I remember that I am accountable to all my friends that read this. I am working an honest program and would have to let you know when I messed up. I want to do this thing. I really want it this time, but I want all of you who want it, to have it also so I will do my best to lead by example.

Day 12 a success!

MAKE it a healthy day! Remember - if I can do it - YOU CAN!

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