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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 13-

Today went well. Am visiting my daughter and enjoying every minute of it. My food has been good. I did go back for a second piece of dessert that my daughter made & I wish I had not done that but I am still within my calorie goal 4 today. We swam today so I am sure I did good on the calorie burn. You can't wear the bodybugg swimming so don't how many calories I burned doing that. I can't swim very well but decided to try a few laps. I could only do 4. That swimming is hard work! No wonder it's a great exercise for burning calories.

My daughter and I were driving to the store today and saw several people running. We thought it was just folks out getting their exercise but realized it was some sort of official race. Found out later it was a triathalon. Cool! That's one thing I could't do till I learned to swim better.

I just signed up for the Watermelon Classic 5k. This will be my third time to do it. My son is doing it with me. Hope it don't kill me. I haven't run much lately. My last run was on the treadmill and I only did 2.5 miles and it felt great!

Since I am sitting here about to fall asleep, I believe I will call it a night.

Day 13 a success! Come on day 14, I can do this!

MAKE it a healthy LIFE,
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