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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Since it is so late and I am tried, I am going to give you this race report in pics...after all, they say a picture is worth a thousand words and I sure don't feel like writing a thousand words tonight!  Enjoy - I know I did.  And... I got THIRD PLACE in my AGE GROUP!  Woohoo!

Me and Millette at the start

Mississippi Track Club Van 




Group Pic

Goofing off and relaxing before the race

Phillip Dorion

Andy Sanders

Our friend John rounding the corner - way before us of course!

Me and Millette

Still hanging in there

Not giving up.....

Rounding the corner of the home stretch

Finish line at last!!

Me - Third place in my age group

Race started at the BB King Museum


We had a great time.  It was so much fun. And to get an award was cool too.

Here are my stats: 
Time: 41:21 (not my best but I tried) 
Mile 1 - 12:57 
Mile 2 - 13:30 
Mile 3 - 13:10 
Average pace 13:21 
Ratio 1:1 
Avg Heart Rate - 123 
Max Heart Rate - 182 
Calories per Garmin - 407 
I was third in my age group and 133 out of 144. 

I can tell I am improving. My average mile used to be a 15 minute mile. Now I'm hitting on 13!! That is iimprovement and you can't ask for more than that! The awards were cool too. It was at the BB King Museum so the awards were old 45 records with original label on one side and race logo with place you won on the other. Really cool! It was a fun race and one I would love to do again! 

And last but not lease, here is Debbie, my best cheerleader. She goes with me to all the races and takes pics, carries my stuff and cheers me on.   I could not ask for more than that!!!

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