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Monday, August 2, 2010

Pinkcoconut's blog, from another blog place I visit, about comparison to others got me to thinking. Am I doing too much? I am 53 years old, stopped abusing drugs and alcohol 18 years ago, and quit smoking 16 years ago. I am still 50 pounds overweight and have been running for over a year now. My schedule goes something like this on most weeks: 

Monday - Run 3 miles (takes around 40 - 45 minutes) 
Arms of Mercy, Inc. Board Meeting once a month 

Tuesday - Spinning class 40 minutes 
Recovery meeting 7 pm 
Team leader meeting 6 pm once a month 

Wednesday - Run 3 miles (40 to 45 minutes) 
Bible study at noon 

Thursday - Spin class 40 minutes 
Leader for recovery meeting 7 - 9 pm 

Friday - Off 
Bible study every other Friday 
Recovery meeting every other Friday 

Sat - Long run for half marathon training (anywhere from 45 minutes to 3+ hours depending on the mileage. 

Sunday - Recovery meeting 9 am 
Church 10:30 to 12:00 
Church 6 pm 

I would like to run "everyday" like I think most runners do but I just can't seem to do it. And I have the hardest time exercising in the morning. I want to do it because others tell me it is the best time and it burns more calories during the day but most days I wind up NOT doing it. Why am I trying to be like others and do what others do? Why can't I just do what works for me? 

I know that being 50 pounds overweight, I should probably not push myself with the running and I need a few rest days in there somewhere. Maybe I would have more success with MY program if I DID MY PROGRAM and not what I think others are doing. Wow! Novel idea. 

And instead of tracking my food compulsively and trying to eat exactly the amount (to the number) of what it says I should, I am going to eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full. Another great idea. What didn't I think of that? I had to have my OA sponsor tell me that! That is not easy for me but is doable I believe. 

I am slowly learning that I am not capable of doing what others do, no matter how bad I want to. This should be MY program and I should do what I am capable of. Who cares if almost everyone else runs once a day? Who cares if I am the slowest runner out there, at least I finish what I start! Who cares if so-and-so runs at the crack of dawn. I need to do what I know I WILL DO and not what I "think" everyone else is doing. 

Sounds simple huh? Wish I had thought of it sooner. 



  1. Wonderful post... Very informational and educational as usual!

    Acai Optimum

  2. I struggle with following my own program too. I run slow...but I run. I can't run every day...I don't think everyone should. Be good to yourself!