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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Half Marathon Training Week 2 Sat Group Run

Well, here I go again.  Becoming more motivated, more excited, and more determined to "do it" this time.  Hope it lasts.

Today we had our group run of 4 miles.  It was 88 degrees with 70% humidity.  Weatherman said "feels like 109"  ya think?!!!! Yea.  I think so!  But there was a nice breeze on the back side so it wasn't too bad.  I was running with my friend who has just started the training program.  She is doing so good!  We are going to make a great team when we run the half in December!  Our fearless leader stressed the importance of today being a long SLOW run so I obliged him and took it slow - not that I am a speed demon anyway.  Ha ha.  We did 1/1 ratio which seems to work better for us since it is so hot. It is supposed to get to 99 today and 100 tomorrow.  I never thought I would see the day when I am looking forward to cooler weather getting here.  I used to hate the cold weather.  But after running in the heat I am certainly look forward to some cooler runs.

I decided not to eat breakfast before I ran and I am not sure that was a good idea.  I was so sluggish and tired.  Usually around mile 3 - 3.5 I get an energy surge and can pick up the pace but that did not happen today.  I have run before without eating and don't remember it bothering me but I think I won't try that again.

I am also wondering if I am going too much exercise.  My calf muscle has bothering me for the past few days. I hope I don't tear it again.  I might just do my 3 runs each week and and that is it or at the very least maybe I'll walk on the two other days.  I have been doing spin class on two days.  I don't want to end up injured again like I did last year.  Some days the calf doesn't bother me at all and other says it does.

I have been doing well with my eating.  I have been abstinent for three days now.  NO eating compulsively!  Yeah for me!  I have stayed within my caloric range.  I am taking it one day at a time.  When I look at the big picture and think about not being able to have this or that for the rest of my life - it sounds impossible.  But I can do anything for one day!

I have the first Garmin that came out and it does not have a heart rate monitor.  So I borrowed a HRM from a friend and have been using that as well.  So today I had my garmin and the HRM.  I am interesting to see if I am running in a range that is meant for calorie burning.  

So here is the run down for today:

4 miles
Time - 59:37:73
Splits - 15:26
Calories burned - 480

Time - 58:10
Average heart rate - 137
Highest  heart rate - 158
Calories burned - 1,103  (I wish but I seriously doubt it.  Will go with what Garmin says)

For me to have starting running over a year ago and still doing it is great progress!!!  And I am up to 372 miles of the 500 I said I would run for this year.  I just might make it!  Woohoo!

Have a great weekend friends.

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