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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Today, one day at a time, I WANT To!!

I have been abstinent for 8 days. I have a food plan and I plan on sticking to it to the best of my abilty ONE DAY AT A TIME. If I look at it as a lifelong process I fall away too quickly. I can do ANYTHING for one day at a time. That is the process I used to stop drinking, drugging, and smoking and I figure it will work for compulsive overeating as well. I just have to apply it. 

I have struggled with being abstinent since January. After going back to OA for the third time in January of this year, I was abstinent, losing weight, and feeling great but fell by the way side after three months. Maybe I got too cocky! But here I am back and ready to go at it again. I never stopped going to my meetings but my weight loss stopped and I actually gained some back by eating way too much. Then I started reading the book Abstinence written by OA members and it sparked my willpower I suppose. It gave me courage to try again and I knew that if they could do it - I could do it. I just had to want to. Today - I want to. 

I have been focusing on my running so much that I think I let my food slide. So now I am focusing on my disease of compulsive overeating and letting my running take a back seat. Which means - I will still run, I will still blog about it, I will still exercise as always but I must put my abstinence first. I had the mentality that as long as I ran I could eat just about whatever - oops!!! Don't work that way - at least not for me. So here is hoping that this way of doing it and doing it ONE DAY AT A TIME, will be the key for me. Heck - it can't hurt! 

I hope all of you have a wonderful day. If your plan for today is to exercise, I hope you get to do that. If your plan for today is being abstinent, I hope that happens for you. We are in charge of our destiny. We can have whatever we want, however we want it. We just have to WANT it enough. Today - I want it. 

MAKE it a great day friends. 

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