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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Slow easy run with a good friend-now that's what I'm talking bout! Plus pics from last race.

I just finished a 3.26 mile run with a friend. It was hot, hot, hot! But I decided I could not wait on the weather. So I called up a friend, Millette, and she was more than willing to run with me. As she is just starting to run and it was so hot, we took it slow, which was fine with me. I can't seem to get myself out of bed in the morning to run so I decided tonight to do it around dark. My husband won't let me run after dark by myself but I can with a friend. We did a 1:1 instead of my usual 2:1. Millette is going to train for the half marathon with me and I am trying to encourage her and not scare her of. ha ha!! She wants to run fast but I have encouraged her that we need to keep it slow at first. Time is not important. Endurance is what we are looking for. 

Speaking of endurance, I think the half is my favorite distance. I know I can do it because I have done it twice and when I finish I feel like I have accomplished something. The 5Ks are too short and I usually end up running too fast at the beginning and feeling like I'm gonna crash at the end!! I think I would do a half marathon every few months if I could find someone to run with me. I am not sure how good I would do by myself. I really dislike running alone. When I have someone to talk to, the time just flys by! 

I have heard the best food to eat before a run is a banana and I do feel pretty good after the run. Did not get very tired either. I think part of it is because we were not pushing ourselves either. We had no where to be so we just ran and talked and had a great time. Sometimes it is good to just run...and not worry about the time. A friend passed us and texted me asking if that was me. She said she saw sweat and reflectors. I laughed and said yup, that was us!! 

I am off to the shower and bedtime my friends. 

Here are a few pics from my race last Saturday. I got first in my age group! Woohoo! 

Mary, Martha, Me and Jason

Finish line 


Me with trophy

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