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Monday, August 23, 2010

Just finished with a 2.5 mile run and it was hot hot hot!!!  Too hot to be running I believe.  We are going to have to wait till it gets darker!  But we preserved.  2.5 miles is better than none at all.  I have had a headache all day long and it finally quit.  Now after my run it is pounding again.  I think I will go to bed early.  

I had eaten supper thinking we were going to run at 7 but my friend called and wanted to run at 6.  uhhhhhhgggggg.  I had a full stomach and I could tell too.  I thought I would have two hours after I ate before we ran. But that's okay.  We got it done and that is what counts.

Today is my daughter's birthday.  She is 37 years old!! Wow! Makes me feel old too!! he he.  Hopefully this running will keep me youthful!

I have a 5K this Saturday.  This is a local race and lots of us are going. We want to support as many of the local races as we can. We don't have but 1 or two around here so hopefully if more show up they will keep having them and maybe add some more.  

I will be so glad when it gets COLD!  This hot weather is killing me!!   It is 93 degrees right now.  What were we thinking - running at 6 pm.  Crazy huh? But we weren't the only ones. There were others out there too. But they were men and they can run half naked.  I think I would get arrested if I attempted that. he he..Humidity was 40%. There was a nice breeze as we were finishing up so that helped.  I got side stitches right at the end so had to walk a bit.  They didn't last long though.  All in all it was a hard run.  But I am glad we got that behind us.  Now for some rest and relaxation.  Yeah.

Garmin report:
Time:  39:25:24
Mileage 2.69
Average pace 14:37
Mile 1 - 14:27
Mile 2 - 14:01
Mile 3 - 15:44 (had to walk more)
Calories burned:  332

Heart rate monitor got erased before I wrote the info down but I did see I was in target heart range for 30 minutes of our 39 minutes.  Would have loved to see the calorie count since it has been showing over 1,000 calories burned each time...but I find that hard to believe. I can't be burning that many although today it probably felt like it.

Signing off now.
MAKE it a great day friends.  

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