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Thursday, September 9, 2010

August Recap


I said on my July recap that I was going to do better this month and I have. So here goes: 

Water: 8+ glasses every day. 

Calories: Ate within calorie range 16/31 days emoticon 

Tracked food: 28/31 days 

Calories burned: 6,159 emoticon 

Fitness minutes: 863 

Exercised 19/31 days emoticon 

Ran/Walked 51 miles 

Lost 2 pounds 

Should have done more exercise. Should have done better on staying in calorie range. Should track food DAILY! But I'm pretty pleased. Will strive to do even better next month. 

September Goals: 

1. Read scripture daily and pray for wisdom and strength to be and do my BEST 
this month! 
2. Exercise 6 days a week - try for 30 minutes a day. (Friday is rest day, the day 
before my long run) 
3. Log food EVERY day. 
4. Stay within calorie range EVERY day. 
5. Reach out to another member of OA daily. 
6. Encourage someone along their fitness journey, weekly if not daily. 
7. MAKE it a great day - every day! 

I am going to try my best to complete these goals. Maybe I'll lose weight in the process! 

MAKE it a great day my friends. 


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