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Monday, September 20, 2010

300 Oaks 10K Race Report

My 10K this past Sat was fun!  I wanted to PR but did not.  I did my time of last year for this race but it was not my best 10K time.  I did better on my splits this time.  l have a tendency to start out too fast.  According to my Garmin I did better. I want to learn to pace myself.  It has taken me over a year to do it but I am getting better.

My friend, Millette who has only been running for a few months did a fantastic job!  She hung right in there with me and this was her first 10K!  I am proud of her.

The race sponsored a pre-race party for all the racers and it was really fun.  It was at a nice restaurant and on their outdoor patio. The food was wonderful!   Ran into our former music pastor and he even entertained us for a while by playing his guitar and singing.

                                      Rod and April at the pre-race party

                                      Millette, Me and Shirley at the party

                             My plate.  The stuffed mushrooms were to die for!!

                    Me and Rod at the party. Don't know why I making that face???

 Here are my stats:

Total time:  1:23:59
Mile 1 - 13:36
Mile 2 - 13:56
Mile 3 - 13:45
Mile 4 - 13:41
Mile 5- 13:33
Mile 6 - 13:22
Calories per Garmin = 763
Calories per HRM - 1,736!!!????
Avg. HR - 146
Highest HR - 174

I used the new Roctane Gu.  Don't care too much for the taste but it seemed to help me during the race.  I took one 45 minutes before the race, 15 minutes before the race and then one at the halfway mark.   I may have over did it because Sunday night my shoulder muscle was cramping and I thought I might have to go to the ER.  A Mobic, 2 Tylenol and a heating pad cured that!  But it sure was painful.  I seemed to be exhausted on Sunday.  I don't usually feel that way after a race but for some reason the 10Ks seem to do a number on me!

Here are few more pics for your enjoyment!

                      Millette, Shirley, our Mayor Heather Hudson, Me, and Rod.

My finish line

Millette finish line

April, Rod's wife, Me, Millette, Shirley

                  Another group pic with our Mayor Heather Hudson, Rod and his wife April.

                                                   Glad to be finished!

                                             Kids fun run! How cute!

                                                       --  AWARDS --


There were over 800 people registered so they needed a BIG grill to cook all those hamburgers and hot dogs!!

They gave out an award for the best water stop and the "Village People" won.  I could not get a very good picture but they were cute!

                                       That 1 mile fun run did Colton in!

Well that's it folks! It was fun and I enjoyed it.  I am so looking forward to cooler weather to run in though!  How about you?

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