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Friday, January 15, 2010

Will I or Won't I? That is the question!

I have my first major "test" since starting back again! We are eating out at the Cowpen, a local restaurant that specializes in Mexican food and steaks. I have already entered the food I am planning to eat and I am remaining within my calorie range. So....I know what to order......I know what I can and cannot eat......there is no excuse for me to get it wrong. But......I will be with friends and I usually pay no attention what so ever to what I am eating. I just talk away and stuff my face. Tonight I am not going to do that. I have printed out my food plan and will take it with me. I am contemplating taking my own dressing and sour cream too. My husband frowns on that but that won't stop me if I really want to.

My biggest problem will be the bread pudding, or the chips and dip or BOTH! I LOVE BREAD PUDDING! I LOVE CHEESE DIP!

But I will NOT.....



I will not eat any of that tonight! Help me Lord!

Ok! Sounds like a plan to me. Now sticking with it will be the hard part.

I am planning right now to come back on here over the weekend and report to you that I did as planned! Nothing like accountability! If I come back on here and tell you I screwed up....I want you to slam dunk me to the ground!!! Because I know better. I have no excuse. If I mess up, it is because I WANTED TO. So......I won't. It's as simple as that.

Sounds simple anyway....Hammy........

Repeat to self...I can do it. I can to it. I can do it. I can do it. Now believe it!

If you think of me tonight, pray for strength for me to make it through this night, have a wonderful time, and enjoy the evening with my friends without scarfing down everything in my sight plus bread pudding for dessert and then feeling stuffed and asked myself, who oh why did I do this again?????

BUT, if I don't do as planned, I will just pick up the pieces and start again. I know you all will love me regardless!

Ok Betty - think positive!

MAKE it a great day my friends.

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