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Monday, January 18, 2010

I did it! I did it!

I passed my first "test."  Went out to eat and did exceedingly well.  I did NOT  eat ANY chips and dip, and I did not feel like I was missing out!  I actually had a great time and did not think about food all that much.  I did change my filet to a grilled chicken breast.  I forgot they had those and I figured it would be less calories than the steak so I went with that.  Did exactly as I had planned to do.  How cool is that!  AND....... I lost weigh this week.  WooHoo! 

I have a 5K this Saturday.  First race in a while.   I just recently got a Garmin watch so I am having fun playing around with it.  I got so tired of having to try and get that program on my blackberry to work.  I would run 10 miles and the GPS would only pick up 5 or so miles. The GPS would keep going out.  And it wouldn't work unless I held the phone in my hand. Not fun while running.   But not a problem now and I deleted that program off my phone! 

I am having cataract surgery tomorrow so I may not be able to get many miles this week but I still going to try.  I will be off work for two days.  They said I should be able to do routine things the next day so maybe I can run on Wednesday.  But I will do whatever the doctor says to do.   Since I work in a medical clinic they want me to be off work for two whole days because of the possibiltiy of infections and such being around sick people.  I can handle that for sure! LOL. 

MAKE it a great day friends! 

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