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Monday, January 25, 2010

Rocked my 5K!

The Uplifting You 5K this past Saturday was great.  It was a small race, probably about 75 people.  It was hard going at first. The wind was blowing some but other than that the weather was perfect.  I had not been able to run at all the week before because of my cataract surgery (which went well by the way, except for a bruise where they stuck the needle under my lower eye to deaden the area).  This was my best race so far at 41:01. I also got 2nd place in my age group,(remember I said it was a small race.) I have also lost 10 pounds this month so far.  I am serious about this weight loss because I want to get faster in my running and weight loss is the key!

We went shopping afterwards and I bought a nice Brooks shirt and some socks.  I need a new pair of shoes but that will have to come at income tax time.  :)

Yesterday morning I learned that a friend of mine had committed suicide the night before.  I was in shock.  Let me say that it did not surprise me because he was a troubled soul but non the less it shocked me.  He had finally found a girl friend and was engaged to be married but they broke up.  That was probably the catalyst for this horrible decision he made and this was not the first time he had tried to do this.  I am so saddened by this......but it makes me realize how precious life is and we should not take one second for granted.  We never know who will be here tomorrow and who won't.   Such a long will be greatly missed by many.

Show someone you love and every day!

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