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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My run today was awesome.  I PR'ed.  I usually run a 15 minute mile but today I averaged a 13 minute mile.  That's pretty good.  I started out fast and ended up slow.  I am still trying to get myself to start out slow and then speed up!  But it felt good even though it was a little cold.  I will be glad when this weather lets up and we can get back to our long runs on Saturday.  It is not too cold now for a long run so I am hoping to get a few friends together this Sat for a group run.

I got a gift certificate to Fleet Feet and I am trying to decide what to buy with it.  I could put it towards a new pair of shoes which I really need.  But I need some socks bad too!  Decisions, decisions!  he he.

I am having cataract surgery on the 19th and have a race scheduled on the 23rd.  Not sure if I can make that race.  I will have to ask my doc I guess. It will be my first race after my half marathon last month and I am excited to get back into it.  My friends and I are planning to race once a month.  Sounds like a plan to me.

Take care everyone and happy and safe running!

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