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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I see I have two followers.  Thank you! 

I have changed my weigh-in day to Monday.  Yesterday when I weighed I had lost 6.5 pounds.  I know that will not be typical for me, after all I'm not on the biggest loser!  Some of that was fluid too.  I usually have a few pounds of fluid when I don't eat right.  So some of that was my short spell of disasterous eating over the holidays. 

I have planned for at least a 2 pound weight loss each week. I will be at goal by September 25th if I stick to that.  And stick to it I will!  (think positive, think positive, think positive! ) 

I have been encouraged my so many of the blogs I have been reading.  I wish I had time to read every single posting.  Try as I might I can't get to all of them.  There are just too many good ones out there!  I have ran twice this week for a total of 4 miles so far.  I was planning on doing 2 miles a day.  I have been running on my treadmill at home (not my favorite place to run) but it has been so cold outside these days.  I try to get to the Y when I can because I love to run on their treadmill.  Mine sounds like it is falling apart sometimes!  It is pretty old.  But I am going to run it into the ground! 

OA meeting is tonight and I am so excited.  I hope to have several friends there tonight.  I know OA will help me if I will just go and do what is suggested.  But I also want to encourage the other people there as well.  Some of the ladies were slacking on their exercise and when I mentioned to them that I had taking up running and had run a half marathon in December they said they were motivated to start back with their exercise.  How exciting!  That is what the meetings are all about - accountability and helping others. Sharing our experience, strength and hope with others who suffer from compulsive overeating.  What I have learned in AA is that in order for me to stay "well" I have to give back what I have been given.  So in sharing with others what has worked for me keeps me motivated. We help each other by giving and taking.  I think that is the main reason why the meetings work so well for us.  Only someone who struggles with what I struggle with can honestly understand what I have been going through.  Even my own husband, who is obese, does not understand my obsession with food and my struggle to conquer this obsession.  He is a recovering alcoholic also but he does not (or will not) see that he has a problem with food.  He knows it but doesn't want to look at it right now.  But I can't do it for him.  I can only focus on me today.  That is all I can handle anyway! 

It is a 24/7 job trying to stay abstient from food when food is everywhere!  I would have to go to certain places to see alcohol and/or drugs but food I can see anywhere, anytime!   Speaking of "seeing" food, I am so glad I decided to tape the programs I watch. I can fast forward through the commercials. Especially the FOOD COMMERCIALS.   Last night I realized just how many commercials are about food and what it does to me.  Man!  If I looked at a drink every couple of minutes I would probably want to drink!!  But I rarely think about alcohol or drugs anymore.  They never cross my mind.  When I first got into recovery that was all I thought about!  I know that being new in this recovery program from food, I will think about food a lot but with time it will get easier.  I just have to take it one day at a time.  I know that God will remove my obsession for overeating just like he did with alcohol and drugs.   I NEVER have to drink again unless I choose to but I do have to eat to survive.  That is why I think this addiction is harder than others.  But I intend to beat this one too.   With God on my side and the support of my many friends out there in cyberland and here at home I can't fail.  How cool is that? 

MAKE it a great day friends.

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  1. Betty,

    You are very welcome.. I'm glad to be part of your journey. :-) Let's hear it for paying it forward and helping others. I live by that motto as much as possible. We are at our best when we are 'doing good' for others... and taking care of ourselves the very best we can.

    Your weight loss plan sounds good.... I know I go and up and down within a pound or two every week - fluids, meds, maybe a little too much salt sometimes. We just have to be focused on the long-term goal, right?

    Take care!