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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekly mileage

I did 9.5 miles this week.  Why didn't I do that extra half mile to make it 10 but at the Y on Friday after 4.5 miles I just could not go any more.  I have slacked off my running some due to the freezing weather and since I am not training for a marathon.  I have a few 5K lined up but probably won't do another half until the St. Jude again.

I have recommitted myself to a healthy eating plan and I am sticking with it this time.  My motivation is the fact that I want to run faster and have a better PR.  Running did not help me lose any weight but I wasn't exactly eating right either.  That is about to change!  I know that with running and eating right the weight will come off.

I am also determined to run my 500 miles, for the 500 mile pay it forward club this year.  Last year I did 515.7 miles but that included running, walking, and the elliptical.  It will be a chore to get 500 in by just running but I am going to try.  The only way to improve is to put my health first by making my healthy eating plan and my running and/or exercise a priority  in my everyday life.

I know what to do....I just gotta do it!

MAKE it a great day friends!  

In looking at daily mile it says my weekly mileage is 10! I must not can count.  At any rate Woohoo for me!

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