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Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm a grandma and other ramblings.

My husband's daughter gave birth to her first child this past Thursday! Yea!  I am a grandma.   As she was a high risk pregnancy (she had lost two other children) she was out of town for her delivery.  Donald Wayne McCoy III, we will call him Way, was born March 18th at 3:22 pm. on my husband's birthday.  The best birthday present EVER, he said!!!  He was 6 pounds and 20 inches.

I am so excited!  He has a head full of hair and is so beautiful!!!

I was sitting in the waiting room and I looked down at what I had brought with me and I could have cried.  What a different person I am today!  And I have the picture to prove it -  

I am exercising, eating better and reading everything I can get my hands on to keep this healthy lifestyle going.  BTW - The Runners Rule Book - awesome read. If you are a runner you will LOVE this book.  Get it ASAP.  It was cute, funny and very informative! If you don't run but know someone who does, it would make a great gift.  In keeping with my new healthy lifestyle, I got tired of waiting so I decided to walk outside instead of sitting on my behind!  It felt great.  I did three miles around the hospital and next door was a vacant bank with a small set of steps so I took advantage of those too.

I can't say that my eating was on par since I was out of town though. I did eat a few things that I haven't eaten in a while - M&Ms for one! But that's okay, they were good and I not eat compulsively!

We stayed with my daughter and she ran 3 miles with me on Friday morning. That was really fun!  It made my day - even though it was dark and spooky  at her house at 5 am!  We are also doing a race this next Sat. together.  Fun!!!!  My daughter is such a special young women and I love her so much!  She is smart, intelligent, and beautiful.  She gives me great joy!

Here is a picture of me and husband - the proud grandparents!!!

MAKE it a great day my friends!

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