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Monday, March 15, 2010

Half marathon registration panic attack - aka registration foul-up!

Ok...I signed up for the Renaissance Half Marathon in June of this year.....or so I thought!  I signed up "by mail" which means I signed up online and printed out a confirmation sheet to send it with my check.  After checking the website several times I never saw my name on there.  So I emailed them. I had assumed they were waiting for my check to clear.  Glad I contacted them!!  They had not received my check and after emailing back and forth they realized that the wrong addess was listed on their website to send my check too.  WHAT???? So where was my check???  I panicked!!!  I called my son, whining and almost crying (he and his wife are signed up to run it with me).  I knew he could dispel my fears.  Well, I had several choices - none of which sounded good to me:

  1. I could wait for my check to return to me (and who knows when that would be) and resend it to the right address.
  2. I could go ahead and send another check and cancel that check at the cost of $30.00! 
  3. I could re-signup on line and pretend I never wrote the check and hope whoever receives it throws it away because they could care less if it got to where it was going anyway. 
Decisions, decisions!  After talking to my son and my husband I decided to wait on my check to return in the mail - for a little while anyway.  They are only 2,000 allowed to run so I have been checking the website daily and counting the number of people who have signed up.  If it gets close and I still have not recieved my check back in the mail, I will just have to sign up again. 

The best part about all of this - if there is one - is that the gentleman I had been corresponding with was extremely nice and asured me I would get to run.  He even said he would honor my early registration fee that my original check was written for.  Now that is cool!

I remember getting returned mail one time and it took three months from the date I mailed it to return to me.  Can't wait that long this time.  And I hate waiting anyway!  But wait I will..for a few more days. 

When I finally calmed down, I realized that this is not such an aweful thing.  The worst that could happen is that I don't get to run but  I don't see that happening.  In retrospect, I think next time I will sign up online ASAP.  I don't recall this ever happening when snail mail was all we had...but then again, I didn't run back then either.  Life is still good and I am learning patience....I think! 

MAKE it a great day friends.    

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