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Friday, December 22, 2006

Sunday, February 19, 2006-entry from old blog

Thank Goodness! I lost the three pounds I gained last week. But that could have been 6 pounds if I had lost 3 instead of gained. Oh well, I am looking on the bright side. Any lose is good for me! My husband even commented on how I looked. Boy, was I shocked. But it gave me great encouragement to continue on. I feel so much better. When I look at how much I have to lose, 30 pounds sounds like nothing but then again, 30 pounds IS something! I have had numerous comments regarding my loss. That always helps.

Today is Sunday and I am going to lay down and take a nap! I am somewhat tired. I keep my great niece this weekend and that was so much fun! Our new pastor is awesome! It is so wonderful having him. Well, getting close to nap time. We have to back at church at 6 pm. The youth are sharing tonight on "True Love Waits" That should be exciting. I am update again soon. Bye for now.

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