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Friday, December 22, 2006

Friday, January 06, 2006

Hello blog! I have been blogging somewhere else but I was not real pleased with it so I have decided to try this one. I am trying to lose weight which is going to be a struggle at my age, 48! I have had a problem with my weight all my life. I was skinny once during college but I started drinking and using pot and gained a ton of weight. All the women in my family are overweight except my daughter and she diets all the time. I realized I had a serious problem with the alcohol and drugs so I went to AA and I have been clean and sober for 14 years but that is another story! I was able to stop smoking also and I gained some weight then too. Now, I have decided to work on my weight. When I started I weighed 238 and that is my highest weight! I am only 5'4" so that really sucked. I started a new job and the ladies at work started a "weight down" and I lost some during that and I decided to work really hard on it. I did not want to stop losing just because the weigh down was over. I did not win the weight down though. I lost the most weight but the one who lost the most "percentage" of weight was the winner. Not sure how that works! But they said to be fair we would do percentage. I guess because "fat" folks can lose more weight and faster too than skinny people. There were some people doing it that in my opinion did not need to lose any weight. And the winner got $70.00. That is pretty cool. I really wanted to win. Not for the money but just to accomplish something. I think we are going to start it over again. Maybe I can do better this time. I have lost a total of 23 pounds so far. I feel better already. I record all my food and all my exercise on which is an awesome site. There are forums there and you can get excellent support and encouragement. I hate exercise so it has been a major chore for me to exercise. But I am getting better at it. I have been on my treadmill 4 times this week and that is a miracle! My eating is not going well. I am supposed to be eating 1200 to 1500 calories a day and most days I do not make that. Except through Christmas I probably had 4,000 a day!!!! I think today I had around 1400. But yesterday I had only around 800. and I was not hungry either. I try to eat breakfast, a snack at 10 am, lunch and a snack at 3 pm and then dinner. I have been eating a lot of the frozen things. I love them. Lean Cuisene and such, weight watchers are good also. I was doing weight watchers last year and got down to 212 but I got discouraged with the meeting. We could not keep a leader. And it was kinda expensive for me but I did stop going and I gained everything back. It does not help that my husband is extremely overweight and loves to eat. We eat out a lot because it is just the two of us here. But he does not put a gun to my head and make me eat. I just can't seem to pick the healthy foods when we eat out! I think about it but most times I don't go it. I love hamburgers and fries and could eat them all the time. And I used to do just that. I would burger king for breakfast, McDonalds for lung and some restaurant for dinner. Needless to say, that helped me really me pack on the pounds. I hate to think about how many calories I was getting then! My husband is out of town and I have be doing really well with him gone. I can stick to my diet and I can exercise without interruptions. I think sometimes he tries to sabotage my diet. But I am going to stay strong this time. Well, this is my first post I guess I need to go do other things like do my settings and such. This is new for me so it may take me a while to get it set up like I want. Check with you later!

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