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Monday, May 9, 2011

Day ??? Lost count.

I don't know what day I am on with this weight loss but I do know I am not doing well. My 10k last Saturday was quite painful......I really need to lose some weight!!!

I know what to do but I chose not to do it. Well,.....I won't keep going over the smae ole, same ole!!! I know if I do something different I will get something different. In James Club (Sunday School) yesterday we talked about choices and I know that every time I do something I had to make a choice. I must focus on making better choices.

My son and I have made a pack to lose some weight before we run the next 5K in Jackson. I feel confident. .......
That is all for today friends! Please pray for me to become obedient in ALL areas of my life.

MAKE it a great day!!

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