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Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 8 - Great memorial day and I lost almost 5 pounds!

Today was my day to weigh.  I promise you-I dreamed about weighing all last night. I dreamed my scale was broke, the battery was down, it kept giving me weird numbers, etc....I guess I was just so excited about the weigh in.

Last Monday was 204.9.
Today was 200.0.
How awesome is that??

I just hope I can keep this up - but I know I can one day at a time.  I am sitting here right now and I feel hungry but there is no way I could be.  It is only 8 pm and I ate a grilled burger with bun, a few chips and watermelon around 5 pm so I shouldn't be this hungry.  ????  Oh well,  I still haven't had my late night snack that I sometimes and sometimes don't have.  

Last night my husband jumped up and said he would be right back.  Me - "Where you going?"  Him - "to get me some cookies"  My brain said "DAMN! Here we go again"  but my next thought was, just because he brings cookies home does NOT mean I have to eat any.  Wow!  What a thought.  I never saw them while he was eating them.  He had the box down beside his chair so that was good. Then cleaning up this morning I found the box with about 7 cookies left.  First thought - "Eat them!"  Second thought - "you don't have to eat these. Put them in the cabinet" and I did.  Now they are still in the cabinet and I am about to go get them so he can finish off the box.  At first I felt "deprived" because I could eat any but then I realized that I could if I wanted to but I really did not want to.    :)

My husband called from work today around 2 pm wanting to know if I wanted to go to the park and cook out with him and few friends at 3 pm.  He never plans anything.  It is always spur of the moment for him.  I said yes I would go but all I could think about was oh my, what am I going to eat.  So I took along some healthy foods for me but did not even have to eat them. He grilled the burgers and I had a few chips and he had brought a watermelon.  Perfect!  So we had fun and I stayed within my calorie range.  I also got a chance to walk a little over a mile while he was cooking.  So it all worked out great.  Fun time, good food, and good company!

My plan has been that I can have anything I want within moderation.  But I also think about the amount of calories in something and have to decide if I want to "spend" that many calories on such a small item like a cookie.  Most times I decide not to.  And I have to remember that you, the people who may read this, will hold me accountable (I hope you will) if I go over my calorie limit.  It was like I would be letting you down if I messed up today.  And I didn't want to do that.  So THANK YOU whoever reads this - you have kept me accountable today.
How did everyone else do on this holiday?

MAKE it a healthy day,

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