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Sunday, May 30, 2010

My 10 mile long run - all alone.

I went to bed Friday night dreading my 10 mile long run Sat. morning.  I had found no one who was able to run with me.  I decided I would run close to home.  I also decided to take my Lillie with me.  Last time I tried that she was too slow for me (didn't think ANYONE was too slow for me..he..he)  But I took her anyway because I did not relish the idea of going it alone.  Well.....she lasted a good 2 miles.  Bless her heart.  I took her back home as I could tell she was just not in the mood.

I had my ipod with me.  I have found I like to run without it but I brought it just in case I needed some motivation.  I had some songs on it and some podcasts from OA (personal testimonies and such) that I downloaded. They probably saved my life!  For the last couple of miles I did have to listen to it and they kept me motivated.

I usually am pretty slow and with no motivation when I first get started but after about 2-3 miles it gets to feeling pretty good and I think "I can do this all day!"

I ran my neighborhood which is about 2 miles and then a 3+ mile square close to home - twice!!  At about mile 4 I passed the dreaded donut shop and I could smell it before I got to it.  I almost brought money so I could stop in and get one but decided against it.  I felt like that might be defeating my purpose.  Right after I passed the donut shop my husband drove up with a nice cold bottle of water.  I poured out my hot water and put the cold water  in my hand-held water bottle.  A lifesaver...thank you honey!!

I would look at my Garmin off and on but had decided I would be in no hurry.  I would run with joy and notice the scenery around me and take my sweet time (without the donut).  And I did just that.

Those of you who have read my blog before or know me personally know that I am recovered alcoholic and addict.  Well, I want to tell you that God reminds of where I came from, and I don't want to ever forget that.   During every run God supplies me with a beer ....not to drink but one someone has thrown out on the side of the road.  I have NEVER ran that I did not see a beer can or beer bottle along my route, except for races of course. And when I do, I am reminded from where I came and how much I have to be grateful for.   I occasionally pass an empty cigarette package and am thankful that I don't smoke anymore also! 

God is so good and I don't deserve it but praise the Lord He thinks I am worthy!!

Before the run I drank one of those 5-hour energy things and could not tell much difference.  At about mile 5 I took a chocolate outrage Gu and then at mile 7 I took some Jelly Belly sports beans.  Got to get those carbs!    All in all it was a good run - even if i was by myself.  At least I did not feel pressured in my mind to keep up with anyone.  I had nothing to prove.  I just had 10 miles to run, that is all.  No finish line, no time limit, etc. Just training for my second half marathon to come in two weeks.  One thing I did think about was that my son, who is running the half also, was running HIS 10 mile run at his home.  So I guess you could say we ran together in spirit.  We tried to get together to do this run but it didn't work out.

The feeling of accomplishment after I finished that 10 miles was awesome!  It is every time I do something like this.  I still remember the day I got on the treadmill to do the couch 25K and could not run for even 15 minutes.  I never dreamed I would WALK 1 mile much less try to run one!!

It took me 2 hours and 31 minutes.  I told you I am slow, but I am also persistent.  I wouldn't have a few 5ks, 10ks, and one half marathon under my belt if I wasn't.  I have never been out to win anything.  I just want to be healthy.  One of my favorite quotes is - "The successful new long distance athlete is the one who can leave his ego behind at the race start."  That's me.  I run because I love it and because I never thought I could!  That is enough for me.  Oh, and the look on someone's face when I tell them I just ran 10 miles.... is priceless!!

Have a wonderful and safe holiday my friends!

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