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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 3, laziness has entered my world, maybe tomorrow.

Day 3

Today is day 3 of my weight loss and I have done absolutely nothing to promote my weight loss today.  One day at a time...I have done nothing......  My clothes are getting tighter, my stomach is swelling and I have a race in 6 days and I am absolutely NOT motivated to do anything.  I wish motivation was in pill form.......

I don't know why I have been such a lazy person this past month.  I think it is because I have not exercised.  Exercise begets exercise and laziness begets laziness.  Therefore, laziness has entered my world...or maybe it never left...:(  It was just in hiding waiting for the right moment to jump out!

I listened to a friend today describe his daughter as "my daughter that has lost 100 pounds."   She looked really great.  I was jealous!  I need to lose a total of 100 also.  But am I willing to put forth the effort?  Don't guess so....because I'm not doing I must not be willing.

I know those of you are reading this blog are probably thinking,  just get off my butt and do something....anything...just stop complaining.  But this is MY blog and I am writing about MY feelings.  And today, this is how I feel....whinny  I guess.  I wish for a magic pill to cure all my ailments but there is none.  How simple life would be if it were.  But then would this all be worth it?  Most times when we are given things we are not as appreciative as when we have to earn things.

I am starting a new job tomorrow and I want to do my very best and I will strive to do that every day that I work.   Why can't I strive to do my very best with weight loss?  Why do I settle for second best?  Good question.  Maybe I should ponder that question and try to come up with an answer.

I have been watching the show Addicted To Food and find it very interesting.  I love how they look for the "what" of an eating disorder.  WHAT is making me overeat?  WHAT is causing me to sabotage every "diet" I ever go on? WHAT is causing me to think I am not important enough to work hard for what I want and need in order to get and stay healthy?   I talk a good talk.  I know all the lingo.  But do I walk a good walk?  That is what's important.  Anybody can talk it but how many walk it???  Sean Anderson, the author of the blog I have been reading is walking it.  How I wish I could be like him.  Maybe if I keep reading I will find something in there that will move me to action.  But today was not the day.  Maybe many times have I said that .... maybe tomorrow.  And now I'm saying it again.  Too many "maybe tomorrow's" have got me to weighing 200 pounds.  Looks like I would realize that my "maybe tomorrow" is definitely not working.

Today was not the day.....maybe tomorrow.

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  1. I just started a blog today about my own weight loss. And I must agree with you. I am 22 and weigh a whopping 193 lbs and should only weight around 135-140 ish. I just got through writing a similar blog about the true reason behind my weight loss failure. Just glad I found someone who felt the same way as me. Good luck on your journey!!