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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Random thoughts

I finally made it back to spin class. My ankle is still swollen and a little painful. It was fine during my half marathon on June 12 with just a little pain. It is hurting a bit now after spinning.

It has been so freaking hot here. Humidity today is 97%. But I have been able to walk with friends on Sun. and Mon. I am slowing getting back on track.

I get so tired of losing and gaining the same 5 pounds! Looks like I would do something about it! But I will keep trudging along. One day at a time. After all, life is about the journey not the destination.

MAKE it a great day friends!
My PR's (Personal Best):
05/01/10 Cotton Classic 10K - 1:23:06
03/27/10 Parkinson's Charity 5K– 39:21
06/12/10 Renaissance Half Marathon 3:25:08
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