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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I am not sure about my chocolate experiment. Went good for a few days. Then boom...ate more than I wanted because I was upset with hubby but did not goggle down the whole bag! I would count out my daily allotment and hope for the best. On MOST days I stayed with the one serving. I don't think I did too terrible but I am not going to buy a whole bag every time I got to the store. Maybe just when the craving hits me. I might buy some of those mini size bars and see how that works.

I have been having a hard time lately staying within my calorie range. And I seem to be stuck at my current weight-wonder why??? ha ha no mystery here.

I did not get to run as much as I would have liked last week. Lots going on these days. My daughter was inducted into the Honor Society for Nurses so we went to that last night and had a formal dinner. Did good until the Italian Cream Cake. It was sitting there on the table through the whole dinner and I just kept looking at it or it just kept looking at me - either way the results wasn't pretty! I ate the WHOLE piece. So - over calorie range yesterday!!! And what is so sad is that there was a perfectly healthy piece of sponge cake with fruit on top so I had a choice. What did I choose? The UNHEALTHY one. I have been taking two steps forward and one step back so I guess that is my one step back this week.

Although I don't like to not lose weight each week, at least I am not gaining weight. That is the silver lining I suppose. I have been losing steadily for the past two months until now. I must look back over my food and exercise and see what I have been doing different although I am sure I know what it is - my food amount. Got to work on that. This is just a minor setback. I won't let it get me down.

It is so hard for me to eat out and make good choices. I still struggle with that. I had stopped eating out and was doing well but then sometimes you HAVE to eat out for one reason or another. I have GOT to practice making better choices.

Have you ever heard the saying, "I am my own worst enemy?" Well, that seems to be true for me. No one sabotages my efforts but me. I can't blame anyone else. It is all MY choices and I make BAD ones on occasion. But I also make good ones and I believe I have been making more good ones that bad here lately. So all is not lost!

Today is a run day and tomorrow is a spin day. I also have a 5K this Saturday. It is supposed to be raining too. Never raced in the rain but unfortunately I am not sweet enough to melt, so no problem there. he he.....

Maybe I need to go back and review that horrid video of me running (see 04/05/10 post) and that will jump start me in the right direction again. Couldn't hurt I suppose.

MAKE it a great day my friends!

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