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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Well, kick my behind!

Today started out a good day but ended up pretty much as it has been by nightfall.  I did good until I came home and found the left over pizza in the fridge.   I knew not to eat it but I did it anyway.  I get so mad at myself these days.

I have committed to writing everything down that I eat but when I overeat I just say, "the heck with it"  and just don't write any more of it down.  I feel like just putting a total of 1 billion calories and call it a day!!!!!!

EXERCISE TODAY:  None to speak of.  I have good intentions but don't quite make it; at least I haven't in a few weeks. This half marathon coming up on April 6th is going to KICK MY BEHIND!!!  

But I can always walk it if I have too.  The idea is to just finish!!!  And finish I will!

Make it a great day friends.


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