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Thursday, September 8, 2011

I CAN do this!

I have a certain amount of calories I can eat and yesterday I had eaten over half of my aloted calories before noon!!!. NOT a good thing. I found cookies, pop tarts, and other such stuff in the kitchen at work. . . uggg!

But I still stayed under my goal so all is not lost.

Today there was donuts and these sausage and cheese concoctions that I love. By the time I got back the sausage and cheese thingys were gone but the donuts remained so I had 3 donut holes. Usually I would scoff down 3 whole donuts so I did good!

Now I am on lunch break and am sitting here looking at the donut box and telling myself, "self - you have already had those and dont need any more." So that is that!

There are lots of temptations at work but there are lots of temptations everywhere so I need to learn to handle each situation as it comes up. I can do this! I can eat healthy and let the fast food go.

I can do this ONE DAY AT A TIME and yes - I am worth it too!!!
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